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7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Reluctant Readers

This holiday season, unwrap the magic of reading with thoughtful gifts designed to ignite the love for books in reluctant readers. If you've ever wondered, "Does my child have dyslexia?" or "How can I get my kid to enjoy reading?" — we have the perfect solutions. Explore these handpicked Christmas gift ideas for reluctant readers that seamlessly blend fun with learning, and don't forget to reach out to us for a personalized chat to discuss how specialized Orton-Gillingham tutoring could be the key to unlocking your child's reading potential.

Here are some of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for reluctant readers.

Literacy Games:

Great gifts for kids who don't enjoy reading

Literacy games play a pivotal role in captivating the interest of reluctant readers by turning the often perceived 'chore' of reading into an engaging and enjoyable activity. They also help to build confidence in kids who don't enjoy reading. Here's a few literacy games that are excellent choices to spark joy in reluctant readers:

Incorporating literacy games into the reading journey of reluctant readers provides an effective, enjoyable, and personalized approach to building essential literacy skills. These Christmas gift ideas for reluctant readers transform the learning experience into a source of joy, making significant strides in overcoming reading challenges.

Graphic Novels for All Ages:

A great gift for kids who don't like reading

Graphic novels (also known as comic books) are powerful tools in transforming the reading experience, especially for kids who don't want to read and for kids who have trouble with reading . They offer a visually engaging format that combines illustrations with text, creating a unique literary medium. Here's a few graphic novels that your child will love!

Graphic novels help comprehension for those who find dense text overwhelming. Even as adults, wouldn't you agree that a full page of words is more overwhelming than something that has visuals? The sequential nature of graphic novels also guides readers with a visual flow, which helps with continuity and allows them to stay connected to the plot at their own pace.

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audiobooks for reluctant readers

Audiobook Subscriptions:

Gifts that will make kids want to read

Audiobooks are an awesome choice for reluctant readers, kids who have difficulty, or who just need a break from traditional reading! If you've listened to audiobooks you know, it's nice to have the option to listen to a book on the go. Listening to audiobooks minimizes the stress associated with decoding text, and lets reluctant readers focus on comprehension and storytelling. Many libraries have access to free audiobook apps, but those book options can sometimes be limited. Check out these platforms which have a greater variety of books for you kid.

Parents often as us "do reading tutors give homework?" and the short answer is no, but we strongly encourage the use of audiobooks for kids who have difficulty reading (or any kid really)!

Personalized Books:

Books that kids will love!

Personalized books are a fantastic gift for children who may not initially like reading. By bringing customization into the reading experience, these books create a unique and fun journey tailored specifically for the child. Using your child's name, character traits, or even personal interests within the story sparks a sense of excitement and connection. This personal touch captures the child's attention and encourages a sense of ownership and investment in the narrative. Check out some of these websites for personalized books this holiday season! Great Christmas gift ideas for reluctant readers!

Comfy Reading Accessories:

Gifts to make kids enjoy reading!

Comfy reading accessories are not only delightful gifts but also strategic tools to entice kids who may be hesitant about reading. These accessories transform the reading environment into a haven of comfort, transforming it from a task to a pleasurable escape. By associating reading with relaxation and joy through these accessories, reluctant readers are more likely to develop a positive connection with books, turning reading time into a cherished and enjoyable routine.

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journals to get kids writing


Great Christmas gift ideas for reluctant readers

Diaries and journals make awesome gifts for reluctant readers by introducing an element of self-expression and creativity into the reading experience. They provide a private space for children to express themselves and teach emotional regulation skills that are invaluable. Journals with prompts encourage critical thinking and self-discovery and empower reluctant readers to become the authors of their own narratives. Check out these diaries and journals:

Puzzle Books:

Kids won't even realize they're practicing reading with these fun gifts!

Last but not least, puzzle books are a great gift for kids who don't love reading. They are engaging and offer an interactive approach to literacy. They also target critical thinking skills! Don't skip out on puzzles as Christmas gift ideas for reluctant readers. Check out some of these fun puzzle books:

Don't let reading difficulties linger! Reach out to us for a personalized chat to explore how our specialized Orton-Gillingham tutoring can make a difference.

Reading enjoyment is within reach, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Don't wait any longer — let's start the journey to joyful reading today. Contact us for a free consultation to see if Orton Gillingham tutoring is the right fit for you child!


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