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Creating Virtual Incentives to Motivate Online Learners

Updated: May 7, 2021

Knowing how to individually motivate your students is key! In person teaching allows for tangible rewards which motivate students to work hard (earning stickers, points towards the treasure box, etc).

On line, our students still need to be motivated and what better way to motivate them than by learning about their interests? I have had the most success with "Student Sticker Boards".

Create a document labeled “ (Student’s name) Sticker Board”. At the end of your session, after your student has worked hard, it’s time for them to choose their hard earned sticker.

Go to google and have them pick an appropriate “sticker” (google image) of their choice.

My younger students tend to ask for “golden retriever puppies”, “unicorn" or “lego sets”, and my older students have chosen “NFL logos” or “tropical beaches”. The options are endless.

Copy and paste your student’s chosen “sticker” onto their “sticker board” and watch it grow into their own vision board. This allows your student to build something that they have earned with their hard work, while at the same time having their tutor get to know them.

Let your student know that when their sticker board is filled, you can print it out and mail it to them to put in their binder, hang on their door, etc. In times when my printer has run out of ink, I have emailed the sticker board to parents who have gladly printed it for their children.


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