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The Barton Reading & Spelling System

An Orton-Gillingham Based Intervention

Susan Barton Dyslexia Certified tutor
Student achievements Barton Reading and Spelling System
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Program Details

Barton is a structured literacy program that is Orton-Gillingham influenced. It is effective for all students, but especially those who struggle with reading and spelling and who have dyslexia/ Specific Learning Disabilities. It is teaches reading and spelling cohesively and in logical sequence that builds on previously learned rules and concepts.

It is: multisensory, structured, systematic and direct it its instruction, and sequential. 



Barton is not a "quick-fix program" and is intended to be completed in its entirety. Because it is considered an intensive intervention, it is required to be implemented at a minimum of twice per week. The program is broken into 10 levels:

Level 1: Phonemic awareness

Level 2: Consonants & Short Vowels

Level 3: Closed & Unit Syllables

Level 4: Multi-Syllable words and Vowel Teams

Level 5: Prefixes & Suffixes

Level 6: Six Reasons for Silent-E

Level 7: Vowel-R’s

Level 8: Advanced Vowel Teams

Level 9: Influence of Foreign Languages

Level 10: Latin Roots & Greek Combining Forms

Learn more about The Barton Reading & Spelling System here.

Areas of Expertise

Foundations in Sounds

An Orton-Gillingham Based Intervention

 A pre-reading program for dyslexic children and adults, preschoolers, and struggling students.

Foundation in Sound online tutoring
online reading tutoring for struggling readers
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Program Details

Foundations in Sounds is a pre-reading program that is used to gain the foundational skills that are required prior to reading. Students who don't pass the Barton screener. FIS develops auditory discrimination, auditory memory size, and auditory sequencing skills. 

It is is structured similarly to Barton in that it is; multisensory, structured, systematic and direct it its instruction, and sequential. 

FIS is broken into 12 lessons with 9 procedures in each lesson. 

The sounds are taught in this order:

1. /m/ and /n/
2: /f/ and /v/
3: /th/
4: /k/ and /g/
5: /s/ and /sh/
6: /i/ and /e/
7: /u/
8: /a/ and /o/
9: /l/ and /r/
10: /d/ and /t/
11: /ch/ and /j/
12: /b/ and /p/  

Learn more about Foundations in Sounds here!

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