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Susan Tanabe

Parent of 4th

Grade Student

"Lauren (our Hammond Bell tutor) is an energetic, passionate, caring and positive tutor that has become a saving grace for our 10-year-old daughter who has dyslexia and executive function issues. Her approach involves really getting to know each child then molding the programs to their unique personalities/needs. For my daughter, Hammond Bell has brought the fun back into learning and built my daughter's confidence. And she also has worked with my daughter's school so that we can do the tutoring at school, leaving her after-school hours available for rest and play. My daughter LOVES working with Lauren--even on Zoom, something she never enjoyed before. Each week, I get a very detailed description of what Noel has done and is learning. I can tell that Lauren really spends time on these updates and she always makes herself available to me to answer any questions. My daughter has been consistently 2 years or so behind academically, but with Lauren, I really feel that shifting. We had tried many programs before Hammond Bell's, but they all required heavy parent involvement (something that did not work for our family) and homework. I would recommend Hammond Bell highly to any parent who is frustrated by not seeing results and being told they need to do more at home to reinforce learning. Lauren is a real gift to our entire family."

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"Lauren is an amazing tutor! My daughter has been working with her on reading and spelling for 3 months and there was immediate improvement that continues to get better. My daughter actually enjoys the tutoring sessions which says a lot in itself. Lauren is wonderfully positive and full energy during each session and makes the tutoring fun. I highly recommend her."

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Tina Trescone

Parent of 2nd Grade Student 


Emily Roy 

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"Lauren is an innovative teacher that works magic with her students every day.  She brings years of experience, a love for education, and true wonder to the classroom.  Her impressive student growth data is evidence of what that magic can do.  But even more telling is what her scholars have to say about her.  She is a treasured member of our team and loved by all the students who are lucky enough to work with her."

Special Education Administor

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"Ms. Hammond is a gifted and compassionate teacher who has helped my son actually enjoy learning. As his teacher and case manager, she quickly won his trust, identified new strategies to improve his IEP and used data to drive his instruction in a warm, fun and engaging way. Ms. Hammond gave my son a new level of confidence that has helped him meet and exceed his academic goals. She is truly extraordinary, and we cannot recommend her highly enough." 

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Tracy Simerson

Parent of 7th grade student

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"From the initial consultation about my daughter receiving specialize tutoring due to her learning disability of Dyslexia, I felt that Lauren offered a spirit of confidence, professionalism and a skill level that my adult daughter would be in good hands. My daughter was preparing to take a very competitive exam for a career training program (apprenticeship). Lauren was able to take her from elementary math to a high school level in a matter of months. Lauren’s support of math and other technical subjects were covered in a mutual time schedule with no missed appointments and she also offered flexibility in case of schedule changes if needed. She is very patient and gives reassurance that boost my daughters confidence for taking this exam. It has been a pleasure for my daughter to work with Lauren, that such, she will gladly come back for her tutoring services in the future with apprenticeship homework. We highly recommend her personally as an eager, easy going and skilled tutor and sweet person. I give her a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star rating. Thank you Ms. Lauren for all your help with our unique situation.

Karen Jones

Parent of adult student

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"Ms. Hammond is an educator with a plan and a cape to the rescue. She looked beyond the physical and heard my son's inner cry for help and as a good nurturer, she responded with such compassion and expertly tended to those needs. She helped my son to gain confidence, see his potential, and reach goals." 

Judith Montgomery

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Parent of 11th grade student

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