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Understanding Dyslexia In Your Child

Dyslexia is real, it is common, and it is lifelong. With the right support, people with Dyslexia can be successful readers but it is important to understand that these challenges aren't a refection of intelligence or effort. It is also helpful to know what to look for.

Dyslexia impacts people in different ways, so characteristics will likely not look the same among different people.

Common signs on Dyslexia are;

  • difficulty decoding or "sounding out" words.

  • weak phonemic awareness skills. This is the ability to recognize sounds in words.

  • trouble recognizing common words in texts

  • reading fluently, accurately, and smoothly, and more.

To understand more about Dyslexia in your child, here are some resources to explore, including a downloadable Dyslexia Fact Sheet, a short video featuring a Dyslexia expert who clearly explains the common reading disability, an explanation of how Dyslexia is diagnosed, and more. Thank you to for these invaluable resources.


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