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Does Online Dyslexia Tutoring Work?

The quick and easy guide to online dyslexia tutoring. Does it really work? Answering frequently asked questions about online dyslexia tutoring.

Online Dyslexia Tutor- Barton
Online Dyslexia Tutor- Barton

One of the most common questions that we get asked by parents is, "does online dyslexia tutoring work"? The quick and easy answer is, "Yes! It works very well, provided it is done correctly". The following questions and answers explain this further.

Q. "Isn't dyslexia intervention supposed to be multisensory? How can it be multisensory if it is online?"

A. Yes, dyslexia intervention should always be multisensory and can be implemented very effectively online. For example, we use Orton-Gillingham based programs that have designed platforms that promote multisensory instruction. Students use color and letter tiles to build and read words and we use scaffolded and structured programs like The Barton Reading and Spelling System. These programs develop phonemic awareness and use physical movements to break down words for reading and spelling. When these programs are implemented online the right way, they are highly effective.

Q. "What if my child thinks online dyslexia tutoring it's boring"

A. Sometimes kids do say that tutoring is boring, but this is often times a way of avoiding work that presents an unpleasant challenge. In our experience, once students begin seeing their own progress, "boring" is not a word we hear anymore. Our online dyslexia tutors promote self-confidence and celebrate student successes. Programs like The Barton Reading and Spelling System can be very dry, so it is important to work with a tutor who is enthusiastic and has positive energy. Games are the best way to reinforce academic skills and we have a huge virtual toolbox to choose from. We always say, "we have access to more resources and games online than we could ever fit into our cars and bring to in-person tutoring"!

Q. "How will I know if my child is making progress with online dyslexia tutoring?"

A. This is one of the most important questions that a parent could ask a potential tutor because it's essential to know if the instruction is actually working. Effective online tutors should track student progress regularly and let the results drive individual instruction. If they notice that adequate progress isn't being made, a shift must be made. It is also beneficial to share this data with your child's teacher. Most important, your child should be a part of their progress journey. It is empowering for them to see growth from their hard work.

Q."Virtual learning did not work during the pandemic. How is online dyslexia tutoring different"?

A. First and foremost, it was virtually impossible to individualize and tailor online learning

during the pandemic. Often, a single teacher was suddenly faced with the daunting task of

teaching an entire class in a virtual setting with minimal preparation or training. Online

dyslexia tutoring, when done correctly, is implemented by trained dyslexia practitioners who

specialize in online multisensory instruction. Additionally, our children were required to sit

through a full day covering all subjects online using programs designed for in-person

instruction. Effective online dyslexia lessons is precise and concise and tailored to your

child’s specific learning style and needs. It should be 50 minutes- 60 minutes long at least

twice per week. Most important, it utilizes programs created for online use that have been

proved to be extremely effective.

We hope that this blog answers some of the most common questions that we are asked

about online dyslexia tutoring and explains how we can help your child enjoy achieving

academic success. If you have any further questions that we can add to our Q & A or are interested in online dyslexia tutoring, please contact or send a message on our contact


Happy learning!

The Hammond Bell Educational Services Team

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