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Benefits of Online Tutoring

Updated: May 7, 2021

The benefits of online tutoring are endless, and there are reasons why it is often a better fit for families than in-person tutoring. With the continues rise of technology, many of children are already more comfortable than we are when it comes to navigating learning apps and platforms, and manipulative the mouse for interactive lessons. Here are a few more benefits of online tutoring;

Student's Learn More When They Feel Comfortable

Along with the physical comfort of learning from home, online tutoring provides a one-to-one learning environment, where student's don't have to feel self conscious in front of their peers. They are free to make valuable mistakes and learn at a pace which is appropriate for them.

You're Not Limited To Finding A Tutor In Your Area

Before tutoring online was an option, people had to resort to choosing from a limited number of tutors who lived in their local area. Not only does this restrict your options (and require you to commute), it likely reduces the caliber of the tutor. With an expanse of online tutors to choose from, you can handpick the specialist that if right for you and your child.

Online Tutoring Allows For A Larger "Toolbox"

In my days of in person tutoring, I lugged around a large tote bag with my tutoring supplies from client to client. Gone are the days where I had to sadly left some of my favorite resources at home. Online tutoring allows for an endless "toolbox" of programs, resources, games and incentives, which are difficult to provide face to face.

Online Tutoring Allows For More Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring that it eliminates a commute. After getting home from school at 3:00 and having a quick snack, your child can begin online tutoring at 3:20. As a parent, instead of waiting in the car, thinking of other tasks, you can be at home doing them. In a new trend, more and more schools are allowing for specialized online tutoring during the school day in place of elective classes. This would not be possible if in-person tutoring was the only option.


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